Reference No: Bo-138f

Farm planted with rice in the Bonao area. Gravity irrigation system. Easy access.
Lot: 700.00 tarea = 440,160.00 m² = 108.77 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 70,000

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Reference No: Bo-0128f

It currently has 1,000 tareas planted with rice, they are laser leveled, the irrigation system is by gravity, per year they produce two crops plus the sapling. 400 tasks used for cattle.
Lot: 1,400.00 tarea = 880,320.00 m² = 217.53 acre

US$ 1,450,000
RD$ 79,750,000

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Reference No: Bo-0126f

Cattle farm, plane, water, in the area of Bonao.
Lot: 750.00 tarea = 471,600.00 m² = 116.53 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 32,000

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Reference No: Bo-0116f

Beautiful big farm, with different gatekeepers, feeder, river, house for employee.

Price per Tarea: RD$ 40,000 (DOP)

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Guzmán Fischer, La Vega, Dominican Republic