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Cotuí is a city in the Dominican Republic and is one of the oldest cities of the New World. It is the capital of Sánchez Ramírez Province in the Cibao. It was founded in 1510 by Rodrigo de Trujillo for order of Nicolas de Ovando, who was the governor of Hispaniola. Cotuí was the name of an aboriginal Caribbean tribe leader (Cotoy) who governed the area.

The city is well known for its gold, silver, iron, bauxite, marble and nickel mines, its rich soils and the largest artificial lake in the Caribbean, Presa de Hatillo. It is also known for its crystal clear rivers, and its caverns (prehistoric caves called Guácaras). It produces rice, plantains, cacao, pineapples, passion fruits, and yams. Cotui is also the hometown of Mets pitcher Duaner Sánchez and Milwaukee Brewers pitcher José Capellán.

Other major towns near Cotuí in Sánchez Ramírez, are Villa La Mata, Fantino, La Cueva and Cevicos.

Real Estate Offers in Cotuí/Fantino

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Reference No: Ct-0144f

Demarcated farm, in total production of organic cocoa, with certificate - does not use fertilizers, nor pesticide.
Lot: 910.00 tarea = 572,208.00 m² = 141.40 acre

Price per Tarea: RD-Pesos 40,000

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Reference No: Ct-0137f

Cattle farm, 6,000 tareas, approx. 3,774,000 square meters, on the edge of main road.
Lot: 6,000.00 tarea = 3,772,800.00 m² = 932.28 acre

Price per Tarea: RD-Pesos 35,000

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Reference No: Ct-0136f

Cocoa farm, in production, with storehouse and living house.
Lot: 480.00 tarea = 301,824.00 m² = 74.58 acre

Price per Tarea: RD-Pesos 40,000

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Reference No: Ct-0109f

Farm situated in Fantino, Cotui, beside the main road.
Lot: 11,500.00 tarea = 7,231,200.00 m² = 1,786.87 acre

Price per Tarea: RD$ 25,000

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Reference No: Ct-0106f

Nice farm nearby Cotui, beside pricipal road.

Price per Tarea: RD$ 20,000

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Reference No: Ct-0100f

Big cattle farm in Fantino, 34 km from La Vega.
Lot: 987.00 tarea = 620,625.60 m² = 153.36 acre

US$ 700,000
RD$ 38,500,000

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Guzmán Fischer, La Vega, Dominican Republic