Little map of the Dominican Republic JARABACOA
Coordinates: 19°07'12"N 70°38'24"O
Elevation: 529 m a.s.l.
155 km to Santo Domingo
30 km to La Vega

was founded by a spanish married couple, which originally was living in the city of La Vega, but for the hot climate they moved to the mountains. They had a jung native woman named Jaraba, working in there household. Also they gave her education. In the time when the spanish wife was dieing she begged her husband to marry Jarabe and in honor to found the city of Jarabacoa.

Photo Salto Baiguate, Jarabacoa Jarabacoa is located in the mountains Cordillera Central, about 30 kilometers from La Vega. This station climatic with approx 30.000 citizens is very popular by tourists because it offers unique landscape to do horseback riding or to visit one of the waterfalls like Salto Jimenoa or Salto Baiguate.

The region around Jarabacoa is one of the most beautiful in the country by its great panorama view over the Dominican mountains and little villages around.

Real Estate Offers in Jarabacoa

Villas/Houses (28)Apartments (0)Farms/Land (7)
Commercial Properties (0)For Rent (0)

Reference No: J-0629v

Nice two-story mountain house with views towards the mountain.
Lot: 1,600.00 m² = 2.55 tarea = 0.40 acre

US$ 460,000
RD$ 25,300,000

Picture 1

Reference No: J-0607v

Villa with spectacular views in a private residential.
Living room / Dining room / Fireplace / Covered Terrace / Unroofed Terrace, Guest Bathroom, Kitchen / Pantry / Air-conditioned Picuzzi, 3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms.
Lot: 2,323.00 m² = 3.70 tarea = 0.57 acre
Construction: 215m²

US$ 285,000
RD$ 15,675,000

Picture 1

Reference No: J-0605v

Two-level villa in the mountains of Jarabacoa
- Ideal place to enjoy nature and rest.

Lot: 1,000.00 m² = 1.59 tarea = 0.25 acre

RD$ 13,500,000
US$ 245,454

Picture 1

Reference No: J-0595v

Excellent Villa with six bedrooms in a private communitz in the mountains of Jarabacoa with a wonderful view. The city of Jarabacoa is reached in 4 minutes.
Lot: 9,000.00 m² = 14.33 tarea = 2.22 acre
Construction: 550m²

RD$ 50,000,000
US$ 909,090

Picture 1

Reference No: J-0594v

New house in gated community with a wonderful view - almost ready to celebrate Christmas.
Lot: 3,000.00 m² = 4.78 tarea = 0.74 acre

US$ 350,000
RD$ 19,250,000

Picture 1

Reference No: J-0586v

Wonderfully located villa with 305.35 sqm in wood and block construction.
4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 dining room, living room on the upper floor, 3 bathrooms, front terrace, pergola.
Lot: 2,478.00 m² = 3.95 tarea = 0.61 acre
Construction: 305m²

US$ 295,000
RD$ 16,225,000

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Guzmán Fischer, La Vega, Dominican Republic