Mapa pequeña de la República Dominicana


is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic. It was created from the division of the province of San Cristóbal in 1992.

The main activity of the province is the agriculture. The main cultures are sugar cane, cacao, citruses and other fruit trees. Also some great lands they are cultivating for the production of biodiesel/ethanol with different cultures. As far as cattle ranch, it is important as much of milk as of meat.

The Municipal District of Don Juan pertaining to the province of Monte Plata is one of the most beautiful places of this province. Here you will find the Ozama river, one of the natural wealth of this province, this is visited by inhabitants of the province, the municipality and people of different points from the country.

Here we counted on an economy based on agriculture, although in the last years it has been thought that due to its natural wealth Monte Plata along with its natural attractions can become an important tourist zone in our country.

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