Mapa pequeña de la República Dominicana SANTIAGO
(de los Caballeros)

Coordinates: 19°28'20"N 70°41'15"O

Santiago de los Caballeros is the second largest city with approx. 1 million citizens. 1494 Christopher Columbus ordered to build a fort next to the Foto: Monumento de SantiagoRio Yaque river, later then it developed to the big city of Santiago de los Caballeros. A few old ruins still exist in the village of Jaragua located approx. 7 km from Santiago.
1562 Santiago was totally destroyed by a earthquake and rebuild where it is located today. The culture of tobacco and sugar cane made Santiago fast to a very important economy center.
The monument (foto above), built by Trujillo, is today the sight seeing of the city.

Real Estate Offers in Santiago de los Caballeros

Villas/Houses (4)Apartments (4)Farms/Land (2)
Commercial Properties (0)For Rent (0)

Reference No: S-0321v

Nice two-level house for sale, in Los Alamos, very close to the HOMS.
Lot: 296.00 m² = 0.47 tarea = 0.07 acre
Construction: 300m²

US$ 225,000
RD$ 12,825,000

Picture 1

Reference No: S-0312a

New built apartments of 125 sqm in a gated residential with pool.
Construction: 125m²

RD$ 4,800,000
US$ 84,210

Picture 1

Reference No: S-0311a

3 bedroom apartment in very good neighbourhood.
Construction: 153m²

RD$ 5,500,000
US$ 96,491

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Reference No: S-0310a

3 bedroom apartment in gated community with pool.
Construction: 145m²

US$ 145,000
RD$ 8,265,000

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Reference No: S-0309a

Big fresh apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
Construction: 176m²

RD$ 4,800,000
US$ 84,210

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Reference No: S-0305v

New closed community with two-level houses with a construction area from 280 sqm to 450 sqm with 3 and 4 bedrooms.
The prices are between US$ 400,000 and 560,000.

US$ 400,000
RD$ 22,800,000

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