Province: Samana
Capital: Santa Bárbara de Samaná
Coordinates: 19°12'N 69°9'O
243 km a Santo Domingo
65 km a Nagua

The peninsula Samaná is one of the most flavourful regions of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean - and one of the last paradise for individualists and enjoyer.

A dreamlike Caribbean landscape with rustling coco trees, humpbacked hills, lonely white sand beaches, hidden waterfalls, little villages and the charming capital Santa Bárbara de Samaná - receiving the name from the patron saint Barbara, which they are celebrating each year on the 4th of December.

In front of the coast are located many little islands (cayos) in the blue water. The most notably is Cayo Levantado, where the Bacardi-spot was created.

One of the main attraction of the peninsula is always in the spring time the natural spectacle of the whales copulation. You can find some offerer of Whale-watching what will be a highlight of your vacations.

Real Estate Offers in Samana

Villas/Houses (4)Apartments (4)Farms/Land (2)
Commercial Properties (0)For Rent (0)

Reference No: Sam-176t

Dreamlike 75-m-beachfront lot.
Lot: 22,664.00 m² = 36.09 tarea = 5.60 acre

US$ 6,600,000
RD$ 363,000,000

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Reference No: Sam-171t

Beautiful lot with 150 meter beachfront. Ready to construct!
Lot: 31,120.00 m² = 49.55 tarea = 7.69 acre

Price per sqm: 250

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Reference No: Sam-149t

Beachlot between Samaná y Las Galeras with a beachfront of approx. 700 meters.
Lot: 1,550,000.00 m² = 2,468.15 tarea = 383.01 acre

Price per sqm: US$ 12

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Reference No: Sam-143t

The property is located along the road Samana - Las Terrenas, mostly flat, with a beachfront of approx. 1000 meters and a latitude of 45 meters.
Lot: 1,800,000.00 m² = 2,866.24 tarea = 444.79 acre

Price per sqm: US$ 40

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Reference No: Sam-141t

Lot for sale close to the Arroyo Barril Airport with a beachfront of approx. 250 m, suitable for touristic development.
Lot: 32,829.00 m² = 52.28 tarea = 8.11 acre

Price per sqm: US$ 18.00

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Reference No: Sam-140t

Lot located right at the Samana road to Las Terrenas, with a front of approx. 65 meters.
Lot: 13,209.00 m² = 21.03 tarea = 3.26 acre
Construction: 300m²

US$ 1,000,000
RD$ 55,000,000

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