Mapa pequeña de la República Dominicana

Coordinates: 18°30'0"N 69°59'0"O

Santo Domingo de Guzmán is the capital of the Dominican Republic and also the greatest city of the island, situated at the southcoast with one of the most important harbor named Haina. Also Santo Domingo is the residence of an archbishop.
Founded in 1496 by Bartolomé, the brother of Cristof Columbus is this one of the oldest cities, constructed from europeans in the new world. The oldest cathedral of America (laying of the foundation stone 1521, inaugurated 1540) disclosed the remains of Columbus. In 1992 occasioned by the 500 anniversary of the discovery of America they moved the remains to the new Faro de Colón. 1538 they inaugurated the first university of America. The historical part of the town named Zona Colonial is since 1990 cultural heritage.
Foto Santo DomingoAlcázar de Colón
This colonial palace, constructed in the first time of the 16 century, ist the unique construction which was a property of the Columbus family and today it is one of the most visited museum of the city. The furnitures, equipments and clothings from the colonial time you can inspect them there. In the colonial era the son of Cristof Columbus, named Diego Columbus, was living in the palace in his regency period..

Real Estate Offers in Santo Domingo

Villas/Houses (4)Apartments (4)Farms/Land (2)
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Reference No: Sd-150a

We sell very large furnished or semi-furnished apartment in Bella Vista of 238 sqm on the 6th floor. The tower has 14 apartments and 2 penthouses.
Construction: 238m²

US$ 285,000
RD$ 15,675,000

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Reference No: Sd-147a

Luxury apartment with a spectacular view over the Mirador Sur park and the ocean. You will feel living in a mansion, not in an apartment. High-class comfort!
Construction: 627m²

US$ 995,000
RD$ 54,725,000

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Reference No: Sd-145c

Ideal lens for a massage parlor, gym, yoga center or small familial guesthouse, only 10 minutes from the city center.
Lot: 5,000.00 m² = 7.96 tarea = 1.24 acre
Construction: 2100m²

US$ 2,200,000
RD$ 121,000,000

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Reference No: Sd-144v

Dreamlike mansion, located only 10 minutes from down town.
Lot: 5,000.00 m² = 7.96 tarea = 1.24 acre
Construction: 2100m²

US$ 2,200,000
RD$ 121,000,000

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Reference No: Sd-124a

Luxury two and three bedroom apartments

US$ 150,000
RD$ 8,250,000

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Reference No: Sd-122c

Lot nearby the highway Duarte (Autopista Duarte) with two (2) buildings (naves), one with 1,626 sqm and one with 686 sqm.
Lot: 10,240.00 m² = 16.31 tarea = 2.53 acre

US$ 1,100,000
RD$ 60,500,000

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