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US$ = RD$ 54.96
Euro = RD$ 60.03
07-04-2022 - Banco Central


Possibility of bank financement

To get a financing for buying a lot or a house/apartment the banks needs the following requirements:
- Title of the property
- Cedula de identidad or passport
- income and expenses of your account, if you are a foreigner the copies need to be notarized by the consulate
- Bank reference.
• If self-employed, 2-years of corporate financial statements
• Consent to obtain your credit report(s)
• Confirmation and source of your down payment
The terms of the different financing are:
Lots: five years
Houses: between 10 and 30 year, depend of the politics of the bank
Also, the interest rate varies from bank to bank and is currently running at 12% yearly. The down payment is located 20 to 30% of the purchase price.

In the following you will find the most popular banks in Dominican Republic:

Banco Central de la República Dominicana
Calle Pedro Henrquez Urebé esq. Leopoldo Navarro, Santo Domingo
Telf.: +1-809-221-9111, Fax: +1-809-686-7488
326 4540 BCEN
BCRDDOSX (swift/bic)
Website: www.bancentral.gov.do/

Banco BHD
Avenida 27 de Febrero esq. Avenida Winston Churchill, Santo Domingo
Tel.: +1-809-243-3232, Fax: +1-809-541-4949
Website: www.bhd.com.do/

Banco de Reservas
Avenida 27 de Febrero No. 217, Santo Domingo
Telf.: +1-809-5472-5000
Website: www.banreservas.com.do/

Banco Dominicano del Progreso, S.A.
Website: www.http://www.progreso.com.do/

Banco Leon
Av. John F. Kennedy #135, Santo Domingo
Telf.: +1-809-476-2000, Fax: +1-809-473-2050
Website: www.leon.com.do/

Banco Popular Dominicano
Calle Barahona, Av. 27 de Febrero esq. Barahona, Santo Domingo
Telf.: +1-809-544-5555
Website: www.bpd.com.do

Banco Santa Cruz
Avenida Lope de Vega No. 21, Santo Domingo
Telf.: +1-809-726-2222, Fax: +1-809-540-6222
Website: www.bancosantacruz.com.do/

Scotia Bank
Aves. John F. Kennedy & Lopez de Vega, Santo Domingo
Telf.: +1-809-567-7268, Fax: +1-809-567-5732
NOSCDOSD (swift/bic)
Website: www.scotiabank.com.do/